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South Auckland Subdivision Lawyer – How To Subdivide


Subdividing property is a good way to make money from your land.  Whether you want to sell off part of your section for another home, split your section into two, or create multiple titles for more homes.  Whatever your aim, given the legal complexities of creating new titles plus the process for achieving this, it is a good idea to talk to a South Auckland subdivision lawyer to make sure there are no mistakes.


What Is The Process To Subdivide Property In New Zealand?

Definition of Subdivision

Subdividing is the process of dividing a plot of land into separate titles for each new section. This gives ownership to the entity that buys that particular, smaller parcel of land.  To ensure that ownership of a specific piece of land is clearly understood, a new title is created by Land Information New Zealand which then forms the basis of any future transactions about that parcel of land.


To create the new title, the person or organisation that is subdividing the original plot of land must submit an application and a plan for the subdivision to LINZ.


If anyone has bought a house, they will have seen the details of the legal description of the land their house is built on. Their lawyer will have checked the details are correct before allowing their client to proceed.


Given the exacting legal issues at stake, it is imperative to talk to a South Auckland subdivision lawyer so they can help people through the process to avoid costly mistakes.


Why Subdivide?

There are numerous reasons that people want to subdivide their land.


For example, they may have a large section in a town where additional homes could be built. That is a valuable asset especially in these times of constrained house building. The shortage of suitable building land is often cited as a reason for the rising cost of homes.


Another situation is if a farmer doesn’t want to farm all of his property. He can sell off some of his land to create so-called “lifestyle blocks”. This keeps the land in an agricultural state rather than a big housing development.


In Auckland land that was formerly used for industrial or commercial activities can be re-zoned for a different use, typically, for residential building. This turns redundant brown-field sites into useful land for housing.


Legal Issues With Subdividing

The over-arching Act that affects subdivisions is The Resource Management Act.


The Act integrates both planning and subdivision controls so that all subdivisions receive a resource consent and comply with the local District Plan.


The Subdivision Process

Industrial Subdivision Auckland AirportThe first step before you commit to any significant expenditure is to ask your subdivision lawyer to confirm if you will be allowed to subdivide your land, and secondly, will it be practical.


While each property is different, the basic stages are much the same. The process is long and complicated and will need expert advice and assistance at most stages.


The various steps for subdividing land include:-

  • Getting resource consent from Auckland Council
  • Having a survey plan drawn up
  • Acceptance or sealing of the plan by the Council
  • Submitting the subdivision plan to LINZ
  • Having the plan approved by LINZ
  • Lodging the new titles with LINZ.


That seems relatively straight forward but each step requires a significant amount of work. The degree of work will vary depending on the location, size and requirements of your land.  For example, how much drainage do you need to have installed? Is electrical power available at the site. The list goes on.


How To Comply With The District Plan

The District Plan controls all local land development. Not all land can be subdivided so complying with the District Plan is essential.


Factors that affect potential compliance include:-

  • The zoning for your property
  • The proposed activity and whether it is a change of use
  • The total area of your plot and the minimum lot size allowed under the District Plan. In Auckland the minimum is now 480 sq metres for a single house down to 240sqm for Mixed Housing in an Urban Zone.
  • Any protected vegetation on your land such as native trees.


There are other factors too, so it is essential that you seek professional advice from surveyors, planners and lawyers who understand subdivision.


Is It Profitable To Subdivide?

South Auckland Subdivision LawyerThe answer is, “It depends.”


As we have seen, there are considerable costs involved but the price that you could gain from subdividing your land depend on the location, the number of new titles and critically, the terrain.


Sloping land for example, is more expensive to add infrastructure to than flat land. You will need to pay engineers, surveyors and consultants for more complex land and subdivision.


Other unknown cost include any appeals that you might need to make, how many titles you are creating each of which will necessitate its own set of legal documents and processing.


Difficult locations or terrain are likely to incur delays, and resubmitting documentation.


You will also have to finance the works so you need to factor in lending costs too.



If you have a section of land and are thinking about subdividing it, talk to a South Auckland subdivision lawyer first before you do anything else. They will be able to tell you from the start if there is a possibility of subdividing your property. They cannot ensure it will be successful but they will at least be able to say if there is no chance.


Contact McVeagh Fleming in Manukau City. Their website is


North Shore Lawyer for Power of Attorney

What Is A Power Of Attorney And Why Is It Important?

A Power of Attorney document gives a chosen person (sometimes a lawyer, other times a relative) legal authority to act on behalf of someone else in case they are unable to do so themselves. It allows the authorised person to manage the financial and/or business affairs of another in instances such as absence due to illness, overseas travel, or in the event of mental incapacity and a range of other issues agreed in the Power of Attorney document. For many people it is best to talk to a North Shore lawyer for Power of Attorney advice and support.

Why is it Important to have a Power of Attorney in place?

Power of AttorneyIf at any time in your life you are considered incompetent to deal with your own affairs, you will need a trusted and competent person to do so on your behalf. A Power of Attorney allows you the opportunity to choose the person you trust with the power. They will only be allowed to operate within defined limits and authority that you set out in the Power of Attorney document. The document and its powers are to protect, rearrange, or deal with your financial and/or business affairs in a responsible manner. If for any reason you become unable to manage your own affairs in the future and you have not organised a Power of Attorney, a court of law may have to appoint persons, usually referred to as conservators, guardians, or committees, to act on your behalf. If court proceedings become necessary you may no longer be able to choose the person you would prefer to represent you. It will also take more time and cost more money.

What Acts does a Power of Attorney Allow?

In a valid Power of Attorney, the person you have named to act on your behalf will be referred to as your ‘Agent or ‘Attorney-in-Fact’ and will have the power to take any action permitted in the document on your behalf. In order to invoke such power, your agent may have to present the original, signed Power of Attorney document.

Different Types of Power of Attorney Documents

There are various types of Power of Attorney. You can see more detail here on the New Zealand law Society website. A brief summary follows:-

A Power of Attorney for Finances also called a ‘Durable Power of Attorney for Finances’, allows you to choose the person who will have the power to take decisions on your behalf regarding any legal or financial matters. In this document, you can be very specific about the actions you authorize the agent to take including the kind of decisions and which account/s the agent will have access to.

If you execute a Power of Attorney for Health Care, the agent can make decisions on the type of treatment you receive dependant on your medical condition. For example, becoming comatose or terminally ill or in situations where you may survive but are incapable of making your own medical decisions. This is a separate document that informs family members what type of medical care you want to receive or do not want to receive in the event that you are incapacitated. It can also be a directive that states that no heroic measures should be taken to keep you alive when there is no realistic prospect of full recovery. In some ways, a Living Will often duplicates the information contained in a Power of Attorney for Health.

An Enduring Power of Attorney legally authorises your agent/s to act on your behalf and, subject to certain conditions, will remain in force until death.

Guardianship is given by a probate court and is a legal relationship that gives a chosen person (guardian) the legal power to take decisions on behalf of the named person (ward). Proceedings for legal guardianship can be initiated in a probate court by a family member or friend. The court may require a medical examination, carried out by a licensed doctor, to establish whether the person’s condition makes him/her unable to meet the requirements essential for his/her personal health and safety.

Power of Attorney is also an important document for unmarried couples living together. It gives one partner the power to make decisions when the other becomes unable to do so. Without a Power of Attorney, the courts will usually assign power to the next-of-kin when a person becomes incapacitated.

Other Aspects of a Power Of Attorney

North Shore lawyer for Power of AttorneyAs long as you are alive you can revoke a Power of Attorney at any time by advising your Agent or Attorney-in-Fact of your decision.
A Power of Attorney can also have a date on which you wish it to expire.
A Power of Attorney can save you a lot of money and complication often in times of stress or emotional turmoil.

Imagine if a family member has a serious traffic accident and cannot make decisions about finance or health. With a Power of Attorney, the appointed agent can make those decision rather than having to go to court. Even simple things like stopping the electricity would need a court order without a Power of Attorney in place. Imagine too if someone has regular payments from their bank which are not necessary while they are away or incapacitated. If you have a Power of Attorney, then you can contact the bank on behalf of the incapacitated person and halt or suspend those unnecessary payments.

For help talk to a North Shore lawyer for Power of Attorney like McVeagh Fleming or visit their website

Wellington SEO company with tips for ranking in Google

Top Tips For Ranking A Website In Google


Wellington SEOGetting your website ranking as high as possible within the Google search engines is key. After all, if your website isn’t getting sufficient traffic, your website is not going to be able to do much for your business. A website is not going to help much if you aren’t able to sustain traffic to it. Below, we will be going over some of the top tips to get your website ranking high within the search engine rankings.


Tips For Ranking A Website:


Focus On Content.


One of the most important things that you are going to need to do when you are looking to get your website ranking higher within the search engine rankings would be to focus more on your content. You should be focused on improving the quality of your content and improving the rate at which you are able to release updated and fresh content. By getting more content on your website, you are going to be able to effectively generate much more traffic. Therefore, you should be focusing largely on content when you are looking to get your website ranked.


Your Competition.


Another thing that you want to do when you are trying to get your website ranked well within the search engines would be to focus on your competition. You want to figure out what your competition is doing right and what they might be lacking in. That way, you will be able to better position your website to achieve the highest rankings possible. By knowing what your competition is doing, you will be able to adjust your strategies accordingly.




You will need to do a lot of keyword research when you are attempting to get your website ranked within the search engine rankings. You want to look for the keywords that are going to provide you with the most traffic possible. By looking closely at the keywords and seeing what the different popular keywords are within your niche, you should be able to correctly identify the right keywords to target within your content. Knowing what keywords you should be targeting is crucial to figuring out how to best situate your website and its content to rank well.




Another thing that you want to focus on when you are trying to figure out how to get your website ranked would be the usability of it. You want to identify the different ways that you can improve the user experience of your website because it will ultimately dictate how long people stay on your website and how well your other on-site factors perform. By having good analytics from your traffic, the search engine’s algorithms will see your website as being a good website that people enjoy visiting. Therefore, you will be able to achieve much better overall rankings if you are able to improve the usability of your website including the mobile responsiveness of it.


Overall, there is plenty that you can do to improve your website’s rankings. By following the different tips above, you should be able to put your website in a good position to succeed.


For help with ranking your web pages. Contact GIG Internet Marketing, a Wellington SEO company.


Auckland Professional Sofa Cleaning

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Do It Yourself Or Professional Sofa Cleaning – Pros And Cons

It’s a fact of life that upholstery is going to get dirty. Normal household use will guarantee that, throw pets and children into the mix and it’s an absolute certainty that your upholstery is going to need regular cleaning. But don’t fret; you can either take the DIY route or hire an Auckland professional sofa cleaning company.

The question many homeowners ask is whether they can clean a sofa themselves, and get results similar to professional sofa cleaners while saving money at the same time. As with most things the answer is not as clear cut as you might think.

Auckland Professional Sofa CleaningThe decision to clean the upholstery as a DIY project depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the fabric, and just how valuable the furniture item is. For example, anyone who undertakes a DIY upholstery cleaning project on antique or heirloom furniture, is simply asking for trouble ,and may well be risking affecting the value of the furniture item. In fact, the damage caused may well be irreparable.

It all comes down to the fabric question. There are several ways to increase the effectiveness of cleaning upholstery.
• Scrub harder – but that might damage the fabric,
• Increase the temperature of the water being used – but some fabrics shrink when exposed to higher temperatures
• Use a professional grade detergent and increase the water flow.

It is possible to hire a sofa cleaning machine from a number of specialist outlets which will let the individual undertake DIY upholstery cleaning. The detergents that are supplied with the equipment are usually also similar to those used by professional upholstery cleaning companies.

Professional Sofa Cleaning – The Main Difference
However, the equipment that is leased is usually different in one very important aspect and that is control of water flow and suction power. The professional upholstery cleaning companies have equipment that allows for fine control over the water flow. This can be set to suit a number of different fabrics. The knowledge of which flow rate is most suitable for the upholstery is what will always separate the novice from the professional.

Adjusting the water flow is also extremely important when considering that the suction power of the equipment needs to ensure that the upholstery does not come out of the process overly damp. Not only can this immediately damage delicate fabrics, but it can also lead to medium- and long-term problems such as the build-up of mildew – which can ruin your sofa.

Of course, there is also the fact that when the homeowner chooses to hire equipment for upholstery cleaning they have to take it in good faith that the equipment has been maintained to the highest standards. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Equipment that is not maintained properly can cause damage to the fabric. There is simply no way of knowing the quality of the machine you are using. Most people do not have the experience to tell a dud piece of equipment from one that will perform properly.

In the end it may be simpler to call in the professionals. The assurance an Auckland professional sofa cleaning company is there that the job will be done efficiently, and the end result will be acceptable.

Auckland Professional Sofa Cleaning


Tips for an office water heater in Auckland

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Tips On What To Look For In Hot Water Heaters For Your Office in Auckland

Are you considering investing in a hot water heater for your office? If so, you will want to be sure to find the best one. There are a lot of different things that you will want to look out for when you are checking for the best water heater. Below, we will discuss some of the main things you will likely want to consider while you are shopping for an office hot water heater in Auckland.

Shopping For Hot Water Heaters:

Features of Office Hot Water Heaters.

The biggest thing that you are going to want to do when it comes to finding the right water heater for your office is to look at the features. You want to be sure that the office hot water heater you do end up choosing is something that has all of the features that you need from it to work for your entire office. Figure out what the purpose of the water heater is and check to make sure that it has all of the features that you need it to have.


Another major thing that you are going to want to check for when it comes to finding the right water heater would be the price. The price of the heater in question is a major consideration that has to be made because you do not want to start shopping for heaters that are out of your budget range. Finding one with the right price is a key to finding the right heater for your office.


Office water heaterAnother major thing that needs to be done when it comes to finding the right water heater would be looking at the reviews. You want to try to find the heater that has the best reviews on the market. That way, you know that you are going to be investing in a heater that is designed well and one that is going to last a long time. Finding one that is built to last will allow you to really be able to maximize the value you get out of it. At the same time, it will ensure that you are going to be satisfied with your purchase.

Size of Your Office Water Heater.

Another thing that you should be looking at and considering when it comes time to purchase the right heater for the office would be the size of the heater in question. Not only do you want to factor in the maximum size that is required, but you might even want to be sure that you are going to have the space for storage as well. Therefore, you might end up opting for one that is going to be much easier to store.

Overall, there is so much that you should be considering when it comes to purchasing the right water heater for your office. By closely monitoring the feature set and looking to see the price to value ratio of the unit in question, you should be able to find the right office water heater in Auckland to invest in.

For more advice or to find a plumber to install office hot water heater in Auckland, contact Heron Plumbing.


Major Remuera Home Renovations Builder

Reasons Why You Need a Builder For Major Remuera Home Renovations

Remuera home renovationsIf you are planning on some major Remuera home renovations, you will want to at least consider hiring a specialist professional builder for the job. While you might be thinking about going at it yourself, it is always going to be better to hire a professional to handle the job for you. Below, we will be going over some of the major reasons to do so.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Remuera Home Renovations Builder:

  1. Save Money.

While you might assume that you are going to be able to save a significant amount of money by going at some construction jobs on your own, the truth is, you are only going to end up spending more money in the process. The best way to save a significant amount of money is by hiring a professional builder. By hiring a professional for the job, you are going to be able to really maximize the efficiency of the work being done and you will be able to decrease the total amount of money you end up having to pay on fixing things that you are likely going to mess up.

  1. Safety.

Another reason you will want to hire a professional to handle the job is because they are going to be able to complete the job much safer than you would be able to on your own. Because of this enhanced safety, it is going to make the job much better overall as you are not going to have to put yourself at risk of getting hurt.

  1. Experience.

Another reason you will want to consider hiring a professional is because they are going to have all of the experience needed to really get the job done the right way the first time. They will have the necessary experience that is needed to maximize your chances of having success with the entire build out and for being completely satisfied with it.

  1. Results.

When you hire a professional to handle your major home renovations, you know that you are going to get the results that you desire. A major home renovation is not something that you want to go about yourself without professional help and professional equipment because it is simply not going to get done the right way. The fact is, these kinds of major home renovations are very difficult to complete. Not only that, but you want to be sure that you are getting the job done correctly the first time.

Otherwise, you will just have to get it redone. By investing in a professional, you are going to have the peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled by a professional. Whereas, if you tried to go at it by yourself, not only would you have to invest a lot of time and energy into it, you would likely have to invest in a lot of professional equipment that you are only going to use a couple of times.

Overall, it is always a better idea to simply hire a professional Remuera home renovations builder to handle the job for you. One such builder with an excellent reputation is Repair and Restore.

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Auckland Rug Cleaning Company

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Auckland Rug Cleaning: Why You Should Hire A Pro

Are you planning on having a rug cleaned at some point in the near future? If you’re going to be cleaning expensive rugs, you won’t want to do the job yourself. You’ll be in a much better position if you hire pros to do the job instead.

Here are five reasons you should work with a professional Auckland rug cleaning company.

  1. They Won’t Damage Your Rug

It’s easy to damage a rug when you are cleaning it. A lot of people have accidentally caused damage to a rug that they loved. Don’t let this happen to you! Leave it in the hands of professionals that know how to get it clean.

  1. They Can Make Your Rug Look Brand New

Is your rug starting to look a little bit shabby? Instead of replacing it, you should take it to a professional cleaner! They’ll be able to make it look the way it did when it was still brand new.

Rugs generally show their age over time. However, regular cleaning can get rid of a lot of that. You should be able to improve the appearance of your rug.

  1. Many Auckland Rug Cleaning Professionals Work For An Affordable Price

You don’t necessarily have to spend a lot to get your rug professionally cleaned. There are some expensive services out there, but there are also professionals that work for a very low price.

If you’re interested in rug cleaning services, you should think about how much you want to spend. Try to find services that won’t break the bank. Get a few price quotes and see how much professional cleaning will actually cost you. It’s probably a lot cleaner than you think.

  1. It’s Easy To Have Your Rug Cleaned By Pros

Auckland rug cleaningDo you want to have professionals clean your rug, someone like Go Green Carpet Cleaning? If you do, you won’t have to go through a lot of hassle. In fact, they may even be able to come to you!

Getting your rug cleaned by a team of pros shouldn’t be a lot of work. There are a lot of companies that will bend over backwards to make things easier for you. If you work with a company like this, you’ll be able to get your rug cleaned without any issues at all.

  1. Professional Rug Cleaning Can Make A Dramatic Difference

Most people understand that professionals can get their rug clean. However, a lot of people don’t understand just how much of a difference they can make. Professional cleaning services can do more than clean the surface of the rug. They can give the rug a deep cleaning.

When you take your rug to a pro, it won’t just look clean. It will be clean. All of the dust and grime deep within the rug will be gone for good.

If you are planning on doing some rug cleaning, you may not want to handle everything on your own. There are a lot of great reasons to leave the job to a pro. See if there is someone that you can hire for this job.

Auckland rug cleaning company

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Business acquisitions lawyers in Auckland

The Legal Help You Will Need For Business Acquisitions

Business acquisitions can be complicated and could result in low profits for your business.  The complexity of business acquisitions is one of the reasons why you need to hire a lawyer to help you.  There is a lot of legal help that you will need for the acquisition and it is important that you know what these points are so it is highly advisable that you look for business acquisitions lawyers in Auckland before you commit yourself to any legal documents and obligations.

The Tax Implications of Business Acquisitions

Many people assume that tax implications are something that their accountant will help them with.  However, merger and business acquisitions lawyers in Auckland will be able to help with this as well.  When you acquire a new company, you have to consider how the company needs to pay tax.  This is particularly important if the business is in a different location or industry compared to your primary business.

Different companies will have different tax structures and there are some taxes and even benefits that only relate to certain industries, or even companies of a particular size, or in specific locations.  The structure of the business can also affect the tax that they have to pay.  It is important that your lawyer is able to tell you about the tax implications before you actually acquire the business.

Creating The Sale Documents

Business acquisitions lawyers in AucklandWhen acquiring a business, there are a number of forms and contracts which need to be created.  Often the standard Auckland Law Society Sale and Purchase Agreement will be used as the basis for the contract. However, some of the sale documents will be drawn up by the seller’s lawyer, but there are others that you will want your own lawyer to create.  It is also important that you have your own lawyer look at the documents drawn up by the seller to ensure that you are legally safe.

The Due Diligence

When you acquire a company, you need to complete due diligence before the transaction is finalised.  Due diligence is the process of checking that everything about the business is what the seller has said.  A business lawyer will know what you legally need to check and also what would be good to check.  They will also have access to data and documents that you might not be able to access.

Differing Legal Frameworks

If you are acquiring a business from a different country, there are going to be different legal frameworks.  The laws and regulations governing the business in one area could be very different to the ones in your area.    A lawyer will be able to tell you what the legal implications of the different frameworks will be.  In this case, you will need a lawyer who has ties with overseas lawyers who are experts in business acquisition in that country. One of the main business acquisitions lawyers in Auckland, McVeagh Fleming, has ties with top law firms around the world via their membership of Ally-Law alliance.

If you are acquiring a company and will continue to run it in a different jurisdiction then the lawyer will be able to determine how this will affect the structure of the company.  They will also be able to advise on whether you should look at registering the company as a subsidiary of your business or merge them into one.  Each of these options will have their benefits and drawbacks that you will need to know about before you acquire the company.

Business acquisitions can be complicated and you need to look for business acquisitions lawyers in Auckland to help you with this.  A lawyer will be able to complete due diligence and advise on the legal and financial ramifications of the purchase.

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Auckland Diamond Engagement Rings

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Figuring Out Whether An Engagement Ring Is The Right Fit

Princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut diamond ring

It is not always going to be the day where you have to go out and purchase a proper engagement ring. It is a decision most people take lightly, but that should not be the approach you should be taking in this day and age. To ensure you do see proper results, sit down and figure out whether all of the options that are on offer fit your needs and wants. If you don’t do this, you are going to regret it right off the bat and that is the last thing you want with such a major purchase. Here are a few factors to consider. If you live in Auckland engagement ring shopping can be daunting but fun. Here are some tips for you.


This is an obvious factor to keep in mind as there is no one who is going to be happy with a ring that does not fit. You need to have it sized properly and that is only going to be done by professionals who understand what it takes and will be able to deliver quality.

Sizing is imperative and you need to make sure this type of fitting is on point as well along with the remaining factors you should focus on. If you don’t do this, you are never going to be happy and it does not matter what approach you take.


The ring could be picture-perfect on its own, but does it jive with your personality? Is it something you would like to have on your ring finger? It is essential to keep this in mind too because this is not a purchase that should be taken lightly as it is going to be quite the investment. To make sure you get something that is appealing, sift through all of the options in front of you and pinpoint the ones you would actually love wearing.

Assume you were never able to take the ring off, which one would you be happy to live with forever?


Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland

Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland

Well, this is something you are going to have to consider immediately or you could end up with an engagement ring, which may look nice and could be the best thing you have ever seen, but it is just not going to fit in your budget. If that is the case, it does not matter how much work you put into it, you are not going to prefer the results at all.

It is going to hurt you in the long run and that is the last thing you need in this day and age.

By deliberating over these factors, you are going to be able to find the kind of engagement ring that is going to be the perfect fit. Now, everyone is going to be different when it comes to what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. As long as you have these guidelines in place, you will have the answer to all of your questions as fast as you want them and waiting around is not going to be something you have to do.

Auckland engagement ring jewellers have budgets for all pockets. If you want a ring that is more up-market and more exclusive, try Orsini. For help in choosing an Auckland engagement ring, try Orsini in Parnell. They have Italian designer rings, bespoke rings and many other great rings to choose from.

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Auckland Rhodium plating service

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Why Rhodium Plating Is Used For Jewellery Repairs


White gold is stylish and has a beautiful sheen, so it is unsurprising that it is

Rhodium plating service Auckland

Image Tulipano Round Brilliant diamond white gold ring

currently in demand for engagement rings, wedding rings and other types of jewellery. However, it is a relatively soft precious metal and is vulnerable to damage over time, such as scratches. It may also lose its sheen a little over the years, particularly if the piece of jewellery is worn most of the time.


To restore your jewellery to its former glory, you will need to take it to a professional jeweller for repairs. Many people are surprised when they learn that their white gold ring, or other piece of jewellery, has been repaired using rhodium. Since very few people understand exactly what rhodium is, this can cause a little worry.


This article will look at why rhodium is used for repairing jewellery, and why you do not need to be concerned.


What Is Rhodium?

If you do not understand why rhodium is used in jewellery making and jewellery repair, your initial worry is likely to be whether you are being “ripped off” by the jeweller. It is not unusual for people to assume that the jeweller is cutting their costs by using a metal which is indistinguishable from white gold, but cheaper. This is assumption is entirely incorrect.


Rhodium is, in fact, part of the platinum family of metals, and one of the most precious metals on the planet. Far from being a cheap substitute for white gold, it is actually worth ten times more, gram for gram. It is not used for making entire pieces because it is brittle and difficult to create jewellery from, but is commonly used for plating more durable metals.


Why Is Rhodium Used For Jewellery Plating?


Rhodium has an attractive white sheen and can be used to create an almost mirror-like shine. This makes it perfect for enhancing the beauty of white gold jewellery, as it encompasses many of the qualities that purchasers are looking for. Un-plated white gold does not have the same brilliance because it is actually an alloy of yellow gold, and these undertones can dull some of the brightness.


However, the problem with plating is that it will wear off over time. This is why, when you take your jewellery to a jeweller to be repaired, they will re-plate it to restore some of the original sheen. Most jewellers will also add rhodium plating to heirloom pieces which are brought in to be repaired, even though older pieces did not use rhodium. This is because the finish is generally believed to be better.


How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

Inevitably, your jewellery will need to be re-plated at some point in the future. Estimating at what point this will become necessary can be difficult.


Items which are worn every day, such as a wedding ring, will wear a lot faster than a piece of jewellery which is only worn on special occasions. Rings will also wear more quickly than other pieces which are not worn in such close contact with the skin, such as some designs of necklace. This is because metals will, to a small extent, react with the wearer’s body.


The colour of the underlying metal alloy will also impact on how many years you can go in between touching up the rhodium plating. A good quality white gold piece will require less frequent re-plating, since any wear will be less noticeable than on a yellower piece.


There are very good reasons why rhodium plating is used in Auckland jewellery repair. Rhodium is a highly precious metal which can be used to enhance the beauty of a piece.


This article was published on behalf of Orsini in Parnell. For more information about their repair service as well as their jewellery design and sales, visit this site


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