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Do It Yourself Or Professional Sofa Cleaning – Pros And Cons

It’s a fact of life that upholstery is going to get dirty. Normal household use will guarantee that, throw pets and children into the mix and it’s an absolute certainty that your upholstery is going to need regular cleaning. But don’t fret; you can either take the DIY route or hire an Auckland professional sofa cleaning company.

The question many homeowners ask is whether they can clean a sofa themselves, and get results similar to professional sofa cleaners while saving money at the same time. As with most things the answer is not as clear cut as you might think.

Auckland Professional Sofa CleaningThe decision to clean the upholstery as a DIY project depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the fabric, and just how valuable the furniture item is. For example, anyone who undertakes a DIY upholstery cleaning project on antique or heirloom furniture, is simply asking for trouble ,and may well be risking affecting the value of the furniture item. In fact, the damage caused may well be irreparable.

It all comes down to the fabric question. There are several ways to increase the effectiveness of cleaning upholstery.
• Scrub harder – but that might damage the fabric,
• Increase the temperature of the water being used – but some fabrics shrink when exposed to higher temperatures
• Use a professional grade detergent and increase the water flow.

It is possible to hire a sofa cleaning machine from a number of specialist outlets which will let the individual undertake DIY upholstery cleaning. The detergents that are supplied with the equipment are usually also similar to those used by professional upholstery cleaning companies.

Professional Sofa Cleaning – The Main Difference
However, the equipment that is leased is usually different in one very important aspect and that is control of water flow and suction power. The professional upholstery cleaning companies have equipment that allows for fine control over the water flow. This can be set to suit a number of different fabrics. The knowledge of which flow rate is most suitable for the upholstery is what will always separate the novice from the professional.

Adjusting the water flow is also extremely important when considering that the suction power of the equipment needs to ensure that the upholstery does not come out of the process overly damp. Not only can this immediately damage delicate fabrics, but it can also lead to medium- and long-term problems such as the build-up of mildew – which can ruin your sofa.

Of course, there is also the fact that when the homeowner chooses to hire equipment for upholstery cleaning they have to take it in good faith that the equipment has been maintained to the highest standards. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Equipment that is not maintained properly can cause damage to the fabric. There is simply no way of knowing the quality of the machine you are using. Most people do not have the experience to tell a dud piece of equipment from one that will perform properly.

In the end it may be simpler to call in the professionals. The assurance an Auckland professional sofa cleaning company is there that the job will be done efficiently, and the end result will be acceptable.

Auckland Professional Sofa Cleaning


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