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What Designers Should You Buy Italian Designer Jewellery From in New Zealand?

Italian designer engagement ring

Italian 18kt gold engagement ring

Spectacular designer jewellery can be bought in almost any country, but Italy is home to some of the best. Italian designers have a unique aesthetic that translates beautiful to upscale jewellery.

If you’re thinking about buying a piece of Italian designer jewellery, you’re probably wondering which designers you should look at. The following designers make amazing jewellery that is a joy to wear and admire.


The name Buccellati is synonymous with designer jewellery. This brand is known for its stunning designs that incorporate top quality gemstones. Their designs evoke a sense of rare beauty, and each piece feels like something special.

Some of their most popular pieces include their intricately designed rings. These rings are unlike anything you’ll see from almost any designer. They simultaneously feel like something modern and something you would see in a museum. They also sell some beautiful show pieces.

Celebrities that have worn Buccellati include Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Macpherson, and Twilight star Ashley Greene. Their designs can be purchased at upscale shops in cities like Milan, Paris, and New York.


Known for their classic Roman aesthetic, Bulgari has been in the business of making jewellery since 1884. Because they release new collections yearly, their designs are very of-the-moment. However, there’s also an exquisite, timeless sensibility to most of their pieces. That quality is what makes Bulgari so popular.

People adore Bulgari’s magnificent and elaborate necklaces. They’re the perfect piece for a special occasion. Those looking for something more flexible may gravitate towards their simple yet elegant bracelets. Whether it’s covered in diamonds or gemstone free, Bulgari’s jewellery oozes luxury.

Celebrities who wear Bulgari include Halle Berry, Selma Blair, Scarlett Johannsen, and Kate Hudson. Their jewellery can be purchased in upscale shops across the United States and throughout both Asia and Europe.

Marco Bicego

While many designers create elaborate pieces designed for special occasions, Marco Bicego focuses on pieces that can be worn everyday. Simple luxury is an important part of the brand’s aesthetic. Each piece is designed to make a statement, but remains versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis. This principle has attracted many people to Marco Bicego’s designs.

Italian designer 18k gold earrings

Italian designer 18k gold earrings

One of the things the Marco Bicego brand is best known for are their gold earrings and stunning engagement rings. Whether they’re full of gemstones or made from gold alone, each piece feels like something unique and special. The earrings feature hand carved details that mean no two pairs will be exactly alike.

Celebrities who have worn Marco Bicego include Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and Hillary Clinton. Over 1,000 jewellers across the globe carry the Bicego brand.

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin’s jewellery company was founded in Vicenza, which is known as the city of gold. The brand exudes femininity, and features intricate details that can only be fully appreciated up close. The fine craftsmanship and creativity of the Roberto Coin brand has made it well-loved by fans of designer jewellery.

Roberto Coin is known for their statement rings, which often feature stunning gemstones in simplistic settings. Other rings eschew jewels in favor of more intricate designs. Many of their rings have an elaborate braided technique, and special details are often hidden away inside the band. Other popular Roberto Coin pieces include their stunning diamond hoop earrings, which use Kimberly Process diamonds, and their chic yet simple bracelets.

Celebrities who have worn Roberto Coin pieces include Kristin Stewart, Brooke Shields, Jessica Alba, and Katharine Heigl. The Roberto Coin brand was frequently seen on the show Gossip Girl. Roberto Coin jewellery can be found in boutiques and upscale department stores around the world.


Italian18k rosegold ring

Pomellato Nudo 18k rosegold ring

Pomellato is different from the other Italian jewellery designers in that they often use semi-precious stones with a style that has an emphasis on rounded forms and large stones. They are among the five biggest jewellery houses in Europe. So if you want a piece of jewellery that is more unusual than other designers, the Pomellato collections might be what you are looking for. Some of their more famous collections include the range of Nudo rings and the Tango champagne and brown diamond jewellery.

Jennifer Aniston is among the famous people who wear Pomallato jewellery.

Italian designer jewellery in New Zealand

For discerning buyers there are a number of famous jewellery designers in Auckland, both local and Italian designers.  If you are looking for hand-made exclusive 18kt gold rings, necklaces or earrings the some Italian designs may be what you are looking for.

Two of the five Italian jewellery designers mentioned above can be found from at an exclusive Auckland jeweller called Orsini Fine Jewellery. Many of the Bicego designs can be found on the Orsini website.

If you are keen on finding a piece of jewellery that will stand out from the mass-produced items you see around, then Italian designer jewellery is just right. Be sure to call Orsini to make an appointment for a private viewing.


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