7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Custom Jeweller

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Custom Jeweller


Custom jewellery can be an amazing investment; it makes for great gifts and can be an awesome way to have something that’s really “you.” However, custom jewellery can only ever be as special as the jeweller who creates it. Before you commission a piece, ask yourself these questions about the jeweller.


1. How long have they been in the business?

Custom designed engagement ring

Custom designed engagement ring

If a jeweller hasn’t been around for very long, it’s possible they won’t be there in a year or more when the piece you’ve commissioned needs repairs or adjustments or you want a matching piece. Make sure the jeweller in question is reliable and will be there to help you with your jewellery for the foreseeable future.


2. Are other customers happy with them?

If you know anybody who’s had a piece commissioned by a jeweller you’re considering, make sure you ask them about their experience and see how you feel about the work. Otherwise, you may be able to find resources online offering customer reviews so that you can see how previous customers felt about the jeweller’s work. Learn all you can about how other customers feel; if other people have been happy, you probably will, too!


3. How is the price?

Don’t go looking for the cheapest jeweller in the area, but do make sure to compare prices of jewellers whose work you appreciate and don’t be afraid to quote a price of another jeweller to try to cut a better deal. Be prepared for custom-made jewellery to be a bit more expensive but some jewellers may bank on their being your first and only jeweller to investigate. As a result they may quote extravagant prices for pieces you could have made for a fraction of the price elsewhere.


4. Are they a good listener?

It may seem like it’s all about the craftsmanship, but even the best jeweller won’t be able to make something truly special unless they can pay careful attention to what you want in your jewellery. Make sure a jeweller can produce a variety of works for different situations and most importantly, make sure they can understand and create what you want to wear.


5. Are they knowledgeable about their trade?

Make sure your jeweller knows everything you’ll need them to know to make and maintain jewellery that you’ll love. A good jeweller should have a gemologist who knows all about precious stones and can help you find just the right rock for your budget. They should also be able to resize or repair any existing jewellery in addition to designing custom pieces. Make sure to confirm that your jeweller is capable in all of these areas.


6. What kind of return policy does the jeweller have?

Make sure your ring is covered if something goes wrong, or it doesn’t come out as expected. Look for a money back guarantee if something goes wrong and make sure repairs are covered if there’s a flaw in workmanship. If the jeweller is confident about their work, they should have a very comprehensive policy in place for the event of unsatisfied customers.


7. Can you trust this jeweller?

More important than anything else, you need to feel like you can trust your jeweller to do the right thing. Find out about their reputation in the community, look around online and talk to them in person to see if this is someone you feel you can trust with your jewellery and money.


Good jewellery is an expensive but at the same time is a special investment and it needs to be made by a jeweller who’s up to the challenge. Follow these steps to find a custom jeweller you can believe in and you’ll have an heirloom that can last generations.



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