Auckland Diamond Engagement Rings

Figuring Out Whether An Engagement Ring Is The Right Fit

Princess cut diamond ring

Princess cut diamond ring

It is not always going to be the day where you have to go out and purchase a proper engagement ring. It is a decision most people take lightly, but that should not be the approach you should be taking in this day and age. To ensure you do see proper results, sit down and figure out whether all of the options that are on offer fit your needs and wants. If you don’t do this, you are going to regret it right off the bat and that is the last thing you want with such a major purchase. Here are a few factors to consider. If you live in Auckland engagement ring shopping can be daunting but fun. Here are some tips for you.


This is an obvious factor to keep in mind as there is no one who is going to be happy with a ring that does not fit. You need to have it sized properly and that is only going to be done by professionals who understand what it takes and will be able to deliver quality.

Sizing is imperative and you need to make sure this type of fitting is on point as well along with the remaining factors you should focus on. If you don’t do this, you are never going to be happy and it does not matter what approach you take.


The ring could be picture-perfect on its own, but does it jive with your personality? Is it something you would like to have on your ring finger? It is essential to keep this in mind too because this is not a purchase that should be taken lightly as it is going to be quite the investment. To make sure you get something that is appealing, sift through all of the options in front of you and pinpoint the ones you would actually love wearing.

Assume you were never able to take the ring off, which one would you be happy to live with forever?


Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland

Pink diamond engagement ring Auckland

Well, this is something you are going to have to consider immediately or you could end up with an engagement ring, which may look nice and could be the best thing you have ever seen, but it is just not going to fit in your budget. If that is the case, it does not matter how much work you put into it, you are not going to prefer the results at all.

It is going to hurt you in the long run and that is the last thing you need in this day and age.

By deliberating over these factors, you are going to be able to find the kind of engagement ring that is going to be the perfect fit. Now, everyone is going to be different when it comes to what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. As long as you have these guidelines in place, you will have the answer to all of your questions as fast as you want them and waiting around is not going to be something you have to do.

Auckland engagement ring jewellers have budgets for all pockets. If you want a ring that is more up-market and more exclusive, try Orsini. For help in choosing an Auckland engagement ring, try Orsini in Parnell. They have Italian designer rings, bespoke rings and many other great rings to choose from.

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Auckland Rhodium plating service

Why Rhodium Plating Is Used For Jewellery Repairs


White gold is stylish and has a beautiful sheen, so it is unsurprising that it is

Rhodium plating service  Auckland

Image Tulipano Round Brilliant diamond white gold ring

currently in demand for engagement rings, wedding rings and other types of jewellery. However, it is a relatively soft precious metal and is vulnerable to damage over time, such as scratches. It may also lose its sheen a little over the years, particularly if the piece of jewellery is worn most of the time.


To restore your jewellery to its former glory, you will need to take it to a professional jeweller for repairs. Many people are surprised when they learn that their white gold ring, or other piece of jewellery, has been repaired using rhodium. Since very few people understand exactly what rhodium is, this can cause a little worry.


This article will look at why rhodium is used for repairing jewellery, and why you do not need to be concerned.


What Is Rhodium?

If you do not understand why rhodium is used in jewellery making and jewellery repair, your initial worry is likely to be whether you are being “ripped off” by the jeweller. It is not unusual for people to assume that the jeweller is cutting their costs by using a metal which is indistinguishable from white gold, but cheaper. This is assumption is entirely incorrect.


Rhodium is, in fact, part of the platinum family of metals, and one of the most precious metals on the planet. Far from being a cheap substitute for white gold, it is actually worth ten times more, gram for gram. It is not used for making entire pieces because it is brittle and difficult to create jewellery from, but is commonly used for plating more durable metals.


Why Is Rhodium Used For Jewellery Plating?


Rhodium has an attractive white sheen and can be used to create an almost mirror-like shine. This makes it perfect for enhancing the beauty of white gold jewellery, as it encompasses many of the qualities that purchasers are looking for. Un-plated white gold does not have the same brilliance because it is actually an alloy of yellow gold, and these undertones can dull some of the brightness.


However, the problem with plating is that it will wear off over time. This is why, when you take your jewellery to a jeweller to be repaired, they will re-plate it to restore some of the original sheen. Most jewellers will also add rhodium plating to heirloom pieces which are brought in to be repaired, even though older pieces did not use rhodium. This is because the finish is generally believed to be better.


How Long Does Rhodium Plating Last?

Inevitably, your jewellery will need to be re-plated at some point in the future. Estimating at what point this will become necessary can be difficult.


Items which are worn every day, such as a wedding ring, will wear a lot faster than a piece of jewellery which is only worn on special occasions. Rings will also wear more quickly than other pieces which are not worn in such close contact with the skin, such as some designs of necklace. This is because metals will, to a small extent, react with the wearer’s body.


The colour of the underlying metal alloy will also impact on how many years you can go in between touching up the rhodium plating. A good quality white gold piece will require less frequent re-plating, since any wear will be less noticeable than on a yellower piece.


There are very good reasons why rhodium plating is used in Auckland jewellery repair. Rhodium is a highly precious metal which can be used to enhance the beauty of a piece.


This article was published on behalf of Orsini in Parnell. For more information about their repair service as well as their jewellery design and sales, visit this site


Benefits Of Wearing High-end Handmade Jewellery

Benefits Of Wearing High-end Handmade Jewellery


If people are trying to look and feel special when they go out to an event they will often wear a piece of jewellery. However, so often you can see other women wearing similar pieces they have bought in chain shops. This can put a damper on the evening so they only way around this is to buy an item of high-end hand-made jewellery. There are definite benefits to wearing such rings, bracelets or necklaces. Once they realize those benefits, they are not going to go back to wearing any of the off-the-shelf jewellery that is easily available in many other shops. Without this information, though, people may end up wearing the same old clunky jewellery that is machine made and does not have the same quality as the handmade pieces.

Handmade jewellery Auckland

Handmade jewellery Auckland

The first benefit of wearing the handmade jewellery is the quality of the pieces. Normally people do not think about this, but with these items the quality is far above the mass-produced machine-made rings or necklaces found in the high street. One of the reasons for the increased quality is the pieces are designed by a jewellery designer and made by a highly skilled person. They will take a pride in their work and will check the piece before they hand it over to you. As they are checking the piece over, they will find any faults and be able to make the corrections right away.

They also tend to use higher quality materials. This can be the quality of the gold or the grade of diamond and other stones. This will depend on the budget the buyer agrees when they commission the piece but the consumer has a choice. For mass-produced pieces, there is no option but to take what the store has in stock.

A third benefit that people to enjoy is the different design patterns each piece offers. You can allow the designer a free hand to make a design they think will suit you or you can work with them to jointly arrive at a stunning piece that you will love. The ring or bracelet can use stones that match your eyes for example. Alternatively, you can create a design that suits the event you are going to. Whatever your motivation, you can have a totally unique and exclusive piece when you order a handmade diamond ring or necklace. You can be sure that the piece will not be like any other pieces that people have bought. When people shop at a regular store there is a good chance they will see someone else wearing the same item as they are.

Handmade ring

Handmade ring

Another great benefit of handmade jewellery pieces is they make wonderful gifts. While a lot of people enjoy giving jewellery as a gift, they tend to get the pieces from the regular stores. For sure, there is some thought going into buying an earring or a bracelet from a chain but just think how special the recipient will feel. They will know you have thought long and hard about the gift as it is not an impulse buy. It takes a few weeks to create a new piece. Plus you will have had to think about their style, what gems you like and spent time with the jeweler in crafting a unique design. With the handmade pieces people are getting jewellery that is unique to the person they are buying it.

Finally, without sounding to snobby, high-end hand-made jewellery has a certain element of class and finesse about it. The prestige and exclusivity of bespoke, personalized jewels is important to many people. They simply cannot achieve this feeling when they buy jewellery in a normal store. You can see when a beautiful piece of jewellery has been made especially for that person, the fit is just perfect.

If you have ever worn a hand-made item of jewellery you will know how special it makes you feel. If you want to feel that experience again, or if you have never bought any pieces like that, try this hand-made jewellery in Auckland. They are one of the most exclusive jewellery designers in NZ offering a fantastic range of engagement rings, ear-rings, necklaces and bracelets. Click though to their website here to see a few stunning examples. Or better still, give them a call to arrange a personal viewing.

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7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Custom Jeweller

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Custom Jeweller


Custom jewellery can be an amazing investment; it makes for great gifts and can be an awesome way to have something that’s really “you.” However, custom jewellery can only ever be as special as the jeweller who creates it. Before you commission a piece, ask yourself these questions about the jeweller.


1. How long have they been in the business?

Custom designed engagement ring

Custom designed engagement ring

If a jeweller hasn’t been around for very long, it’s possible they won’t be there in a year or more when the piece you’ve commissioned needs repairs or adjustments or you want a matching piece. Make sure the jeweller in question is reliable and will be there to help you with your jewellery for the foreseeable future.


2. Are other customers happy with them?

If you know anybody who’s had a piece commissioned by a jeweller you’re considering, make sure you ask them about their experience and see how you feel about the work. Otherwise, you may be able to find resources online offering customer reviews so that you can see how previous customers felt about the jeweller’s work. Learn all you can about how other customers feel; if other people have been happy, you probably will, too!


3. How is the price?

Don’t go looking for the cheapest jeweller in the area, but do make sure to compare prices of jewellers whose work you appreciate and don’t be afraid to quote a price of another jeweller to try to cut a better deal. Be prepared for custom-made jewellery to be a bit more expensive but some jewellers may bank on their being your first and only jeweller to investigate. As a result they may quote extravagant prices for pieces you could have made for a fraction of the price elsewhere.


4. Are they a good listener?

It may seem like it’s all about the craftsmanship, but even the best jeweller won’t be able to make something truly special unless they can pay careful attention to what you want in your jewellery. Make sure a jeweller can produce a variety of works for different situations and most importantly, make sure they can understand and create what you want to wear.


5. Are they knowledgeable about their trade?

Make sure your jeweller knows everything you’ll need them to know to make and maintain jewellery that you’ll love. A good jeweller should have a gemologist who knows all about precious stones and can help you find just the right rock for your budget. They should also be able to resize or repair any existing jewellery in addition to designing custom pieces. Make sure to confirm that your jeweller is capable in all of these areas.


6. What kind of return policy does the jeweller have?

Make sure your ring is covered if something goes wrong, or it doesn’t come out as expected. Look for a money back guarantee if something goes wrong and make sure repairs are covered if there’s a flaw in workmanship. If the jeweller is confident about their work, they should have a very comprehensive policy in place for the event of unsatisfied customers.


7. Can you trust this jeweller?

More important than anything else, you need to feel like you can trust your jeweller to do the right thing. Find out about their reputation in the community, look around online and talk to them in person to see if this is someone you feel you can trust with your jewellery and money.


Good jewellery is an expensive but at the same time is a special investment and it needs to be made by a jeweller who’s up to the challenge. Follow these steps to find a custom jeweller you can believe in and you’ll have an heirloom that can last generations.


For information about Orsini Jewellers, a custom jeweller in Auckland visit this site here.


The history of engagement rings

The history of engagement rings


The engagement ring has become an integral part of the whole wedding process for people in different traditions and cultures all around the world. Some people even believe that the absence of this special ring would lead to a less than happy marriage. However, there is one question that rises all the time about engagement rings. Why is a ring so strongly related to a marriage proposal? This brief history of engagement rings might help.

Diamond engagement ring

Diamond engagement ring

The first recorded appearance of an engagement ring comes from the proposal of Archduke Maximilian, the ruler of Austria. He proposed to Mary, a beautiful lady from Burgundy asking her to become his wife. The ring itself has a thin and flat design with small diamond pieces on the top of the ring, forming the M to represent the bride’s name.

The proposal of the Archduke of Austria may become the first written record we have of the engagement ring, but history tells us that in fact, the history of engagement ring far precedes the Archduke’s proposal. Historians and archaeologists believe that a token or piece of jewellery was used all the way back to ancient history.

In pre-history, cavemen tied a piece of cord just like a ring to someone they loved to put them under their control. We have seen cartoons of a caveman dragging a woman along by a piece of rope. This is not quite the case but certainly a cord was used to signify the bond.

From around 2800 BC until first century BC the Ancient Egyptians buried their beloved with a gold ring placed on the ring finger of the left hand. They believed this made connection between their heart and vena amoris. It was believed that a vein ran from the heart to the ring finger.

It was in the year 1477 our Archduke of Austria made his extravagant gesture with the diamond ring and his proposal to Mary of Burgundy. The idea caught on and began to spread both in geography and activities. In 1700, the tradition evolved in Europe and surrounding areas where people engraved their engagement rings with poetry. In 1800, Victorians in the UK made to the betrothal to another level by using human hair and gemstones to make jewellery and engravings.

In 1886, the engagement ring developed again as Tiffany & Co. came up with its 6-prong ring and its famous Tiffany setting. This was an expensive ring that only the wealthy could afford but only four years later, the era of an affordable engagement ring arrived. This came in the form in some jewellery stores, such as Sears and Roebuck.

In the 1930s the concept of the diamond engagement ring really took off. DeBeers, the diamond company from South Africa, ran an advertising campaign encouraging men to buy a diamond ring to give to their beloved when they proposed marriage. This idea grew in popularity and flourished into the tradition we know today.

One of the reasons diamonds have become popular as part of the token is because of the shine that radiates from the cut surfaces. This glittering light is supposed to represent the light and purity of love between the two people. This was of course an idea that DeBeers were happy to foster as it helped their sales of diamonds.

3 stone Princess cut diamond ring

3 stone Princess cut diamond ring

The notion of giving an engagement ring has been recorded in many cultures throughout the ages and each of them has much the same basis with three major elements: ring material, stones, and ring designs. So while the main factors are constant, the traditions using those three ideas vary from one area to another. And as we have progressed, the ring is no longer something you put at someone’s ring finger because you want to control him/her. Instead, it is a demonstration of your love, commitment and loyalty.

For happy couples in Auckland, NZ, there are plenty of jewellery stores you can choose from covering all price ranges from high street jewellery chains to exclusive jewellers like Orsini in Parnell. They offer a range of Italian designer rings as well as their own collection of diamond rings. Take a look here at some of the gorgeous pieces they have to offer. If the link doesn’t work, this is the domain name So go ahead and take a look.

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Italian Designer Jewellery In New Zealand

What Designers Should You Buy Italian Designer Jewellery From in New Zealand?

Italian designer engagement ring

Italian 18kt gold engagement ring

Spectacular designer jewellery can be bought in almost any country, but Italy is home to some of the best. Italian designers have a unique aesthetic that translates beautiful to upscale jewellery.

If you’re thinking about buying a piece of Italian designer jewellery, you’re probably wondering which designers you should look at. The following designers make amazing jewellery that is a joy to wear and admire.


The name Buccellati is synonymous with designer jewellery. This brand is known for its stunning designs that incorporate top quality gemstones. Their designs evoke a sense of rare beauty, and each piece feels like something special.

Some of their most popular pieces include their intricately designed rings. These rings are unlike anything you’ll see from almost any designer. They simultaneously feel like something modern and something you would see in a museum. They also sell some beautiful show pieces.

Celebrities that have worn Buccellati include Sarah Jessica Parker, Elle Macpherson, and Twilight star Ashley Greene. Their designs can be purchased at upscale shops in cities like Milan, Paris, and New York.


Known for their classic Roman aesthetic, Bulgari has been in the business of making jewellery since 1884. Because they release new collections yearly, their designs are very of-the-moment. However, there’s also an exquisite, timeless sensibility to most of their pieces. That quality is what makes Bulgari so popular.

People adore Bulgari’s magnificent and elaborate necklaces. They’re the perfect piece for a special occasion. Those looking for something more flexible may gravitate towards their simple yet elegant bracelets. Whether it’s covered in diamonds or gemstone free, Bulgari’s jewellery oozes luxury.

Celebrities who wear Bulgari include Halle Berry, Selma Blair, Scarlett Johannsen, and Kate Hudson. Their jewellery can be purchased in upscale shops across the United States and throughout both Asia and Europe.

Marco Bicego

While many designers create elaborate pieces designed for special occasions, Marco Bicego focuses on pieces that can be worn everyday. Simple luxury is an important part of the brand’s aesthetic. Each piece is designed to make a statement, but remains versatile enough to be worn on a daily basis. This principle has attracted many people to Marco Bicego’s designs.

Italian designer 18k gold earrings

Italian designer 18k gold earrings

One of the things the Marco Bicego brand is best known for are their gold earrings and stunning engagement rings. Whether they’re full of gemstones or made from gold alone, each piece feels like something unique and special. The earrings feature hand carved details that mean no two pairs will be exactly alike.

Celebrities who have worn Marco Bicego include Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and Hillary Clinton. Over 1,000 jewellers across the globe carry the Bicego brand.

Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin’s jewellery company was founded in Vicenza, which is known as the city of gold. The brand exudes femininity, and features intricate details that can only be fully appreciated up close. The fine craftsmanship and creativity of the Roberto Coin brand has made it well-loved by fans of designer jewellery.

Roberto Coin is known for their statement rings, which often feature stunning gemstones in simplistic settings. Other rings eschew jewels in favor of more intricate designs. Many of their rings have an elaborate braided technique, and special details are often hidden away inside the band. Other popular Roberto Coin pieces include their stunning diamond hoop earrings, which use Kimberly Process diamonds, and their chic yet simple bracelets.

Celebrities who have worn Roberto Coin pieces include Kristin Stewart, Brooke Shields, Jessica Alba, and Katharine Heigl. The Roberto Coin brand was frequently seen on the show Gossip Girl. Roberto Coin jewellery can be found in boutiques and upscale department stores around the world.


Italian18k rosegold ring

Pomellato Nudo 18k rosegold ring

Pomellato is different from the other Italian jewellery designers in that they often use semi-precious stones with a style that has an emphasis on rounded forms and large stones. They are among the five biggest jewellery houses in Europe. So if you want a piece of jewellery that is more unusual than other designers, the Pomellato collections might be what you are looking for. Some of their more famous collections include the range of Nudo rings and the Tango champagne and brown diamond jewellery.

Jennifer Aniston is among the famous people who wear Pomallato jewellery.

Italian designer jewellery in New Zealand

For discerning buyers there are a number of famous jewellery designers in Auckland, both local and Italian designers.  If you are looking for hand-made exclusive 18kt gold rings, necklaces or earrings the some Italian designs may be what you are looking for.

Two of the five Italian jewellery designers mentioned above can be found from at an exclusive Auckland jeweller called Orsini Fine Jewellery. Many of the Bicego designs can be found on the Orsini website. Here is one page of this Italian designer’s work.

If you are keen on finding a piece of jewellery that will stand out from the mass-produced items you see around, then Italian designer jewellery is just right. Be sure to call Orsini to make aa appointment for a private viewing.


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How To Pick A Bespoke Jewellery Designer In Auckland

The Best Approach To Picking A Bespoke Jewellery Designer In Auckland

Do you know someone in your life who absolutely loves jewellery? Perhaps the person is you. If you look at jewellery regularly, you may feel that there is not much variety out there anymore. Maybe you have something in mind, but you are not able to find something that matches what you want exactly. So, you end up settling for something that you are not completely satisfied with. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can find the perfect piece of jewellery, every time? Well, you can. You get exactly what you want if you get bespoke jewellery, jewellery that is custom-made for you.

Bespoke diamond ring

Bespoke yellow diamond ring

You may think that only the super-rich can afford something like that. That is not true. Bespoke jewellery is not as expensive as you might think. It all depends on the designer whom you use. Of course, the well-known, famous designers will charge an exorbitant amount of money, and only the social elite or celebrities are the only people who can afford them. However, you do not have to choose a designer that is famous. If you look in the right places, you can find very talented bespoke jewellery designers who design jewellery for high-end stores as well as custom-design for individual clients.

Look at the styles of these designers and see which ones appeal to your taste. The stores that carry their line may have contact information on the designer that they can share with you. If not, you may be able to find information on the web. Many designers have their own websites and will indicate if they design bespoke jewellery. There are some details here of bespoke jewellers.

When you have identified a few designers whose designs you admire, schedule a meeting with them if they are local. During your meeting with each of them, talk about what kind of jewellery you would like to be designed. Provide a good description as to the precious metal or gemstones that you would like to incorporate into the design of your jewellery. Indicate how soon you will need it, if you plan to wear this on a special occasion. Get a price estimate on how much it would cost. After you have met with all of your potential designers, choose the one whom you like the best.

The bespoke jewellery designer’s goal is to custom-make jewellery for you with your specifications and preferences. However, what if you desire to include materials that do not go well together? A good designer will be open about this with you instead of blindly giving you what you had asked for. If using certain materials together will not work well, the designer will help you find alternatives that are more suitable. Assuming that you have little or no experience in jewellery design, you should follow the jewellery designer’s suggestion for the best results.

Bespoke jewellery makes perfect gifts for the people whom you cherish, like your spouse or significant other, your mother, grandmother, or daughter. It is the perfect way to express a sentiment and to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual. Share some special characteristics of the gift recipient with the bespoke jewellery designer. Sometimes there is a way to work those characteristics into the design. Imagine how impressed the gift recipient would be when she opens her gift.

Bespoke diamond ring Auckland

Bespoke diamond ring

Once you see how wonderful bespoke jewellery can be, you may never go back to buying jewellery “off the rack” in a store anymore. Bespoke jewellery makes great family heirlooms because of the personal touches that go into making it. These are irreplaceable pieces that are truly unique and beautiful.

One of the concerns people have about finding a bespoke jeweller is that they don’t know if they will be good to work with. Orsini in Auckland is a bespoke jewellery designer who works with plenty of repeat customers. The owner, Sarah, gets to know the client so she can suggest a design that will suit that person. From my own experience I know how good she is as she helped me find an engagement ring for my girlfriend. If you want bespoke jewellery in Auckland, contact Orsini jewellers or go to their site

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